De Ronde Bleek (English)

De Ronde bleek

Fishfarm, carpfishing, flyfising

De Ronde Bleek

De Ronde Bleek is primarily a fish farm at which it is also possible to fish for different species of fish on different types of water. For Dutch sportfishing De Ronde Bleek is a truly unique location. We offer different watertypes and a good variety of species to fish for in a peaceful and quiet rural

environment. On and around our terrain a dynamic flora and fauna has developed over the years in which deer, foxes, sand martins, grebes, swans and kingfisher thrive.

De Ronde Bleek is an attractive and peaceful dwelling to relax in an active way. We are situated in between an estate called Providentia in the west, nature reserves ‘Strabrechtse Heide’ and ‘Bultven’ in the north and ‘Keelven’ and silence area ‘De Pan’ in the south.

We offer 10 different lakes to fish varying in size. There are four creeks and a trout lake of 15 lbs specifically for fly fishermen. The fly fishing lake can be fished from motorized pontoons, from jetties attached to the shore or from a bellyboat. The creeks are perfect for wading but stalking the trout from shore is also possible. The fish stock of the lake consists of rainbow trout up to 90 centimeters, brown trout, saibling, whipers and bass. The creeks are stocked with mainly rainbow trout but you can also fly fish for carp. For the carp fishermen there is a 6,3 acre lake with carp of over 50 lbs and a good stock of fish over 30 lbs. The carp creek is stocked with smaller sized but beautiful carp (up to 25lbs) where you can fish with a float, feeder or static rod setup.


De Ronde Bleek offers different opportunities for carpfishing. The main carplake of 6,3 acres contains carp over 57 lbs+ a couple of sturgeon of over 4 feet, grascarp over 30 lbs nice size tench, lots of perch and one European catfish. Besides the main lake we also offer a runswater called the Carp Creek. This small lake offers great opportunities for the youngsters and other fisherman whom enjoy doing a quick session during the day or night. It contains carp up to 25 lbs with some of the beautiful fish you will ever see. The fish are all bred in our own breeding facilities.

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The main lake of 6ha is exclusively for stillwater fly fishing. Many of our guests say our lake is one of the best fly fishing reservoirs in the Netherlands. The lake contains different species for fly fishing like rainbow trout to about 3 feet in length, brown trout, brook trout, saibling and a couple types of bass (to about 14 lbs in size). We also offer fly fishing on four creeks with a combined length of around about 1650 feet where you can fish for rainbow trout, bass and even carp


We breed our own fish in a durable and natural way. Beautifully scaled carp, trout, tench, bass and even white fish are able to grow to beautiful healthy specimens which our guests can fish for when they are big enough.